Apartments in Dickinson TX & Surrounding Communities

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The City of Dickinson, Texas is a great place to live life, enjoy your hobbies, and raise a family. Located outside of the noisy hustle and bustle of Houston, Dickinson is a smaller city with only about 19,000 residents.

Dickinson is situated along the Gulf Freeway, interstate 45 that runs from Galveston along the Gulf Coast up to Houston and beyond through North Texas.

The city is perfectly positioned for comfortable living. For avoiding negatives, it’s not in the loud and urban areas around Houston, but it’s also not in the storm-risky coastal city of Galveston. For positives, it’s near to the ocean and lake beaches, and numerous recreational sites.

Dickinson may be a smaller city, but it as a number of venues to cater to its patrons. Dozens and dozens of fine restaurants, department stores, boutiques, grocery stores, and other establishments area located within this community. For adults, there are a number of watering holes that welcome new neighbors. For the kids, there are numerous parks, playgrounds and several theme parks within driving distance.

Education is pushed heavily in Dickinson. The public schools are some of the most highly regarded in the region. For higher education, there are trade schools and universities within short driving distance.

While the area may have a great situation in terms of location, venues, government, and education, the living situation for those looking to rent affordable housing is fantastic as situated right in the middle of Dickinson is the Courtyard Park Apartments. This quiet, beautiful and quaint apartment community is located on Lobit Drive near Deats Road. This small community holds some great people, comfortable amenities, supportive management, and affordable apartment units.

One of the most notable features of this Dickinson apartments community is the private courtyard. Situated in the center of the complex, with access for residents and guests only, this large courtyard is a park in itself with lush grass, a number of trees, manicured plants, and a gazebo with sitting space.

The neighborhood around the Courtyard Park Apartments is a very quiet and safe. A number of families have made the Courtyard Park and the surrounding housing home for themselves and their loved ones.

Renting at the Courtyard Park Apartments in Dickinson, TX means getting more for less. More space, more beauty, more quiet and more friendly people while payng less for rent. The Courtyard Park has the least expensive rent for apartments of this size and quality in the entire region.

While the cost of living at these apartments in Dickinson TX is low and affordable for everyone, there isn’t a lack of attention to the quality put into the complex and the attentiveness of the owner and its management. In fact, tenant-focused management is one of the primary missions put into place by the new management of Courtyard Park, put in place in 2013. The focus is on making this Dickinson apartments community the greatest in the area and bringing in the greatest people to make it that way.

Beyond the beautiful, lush greenery of the life, a valuable thing you will notice about the Courtyard Park Apartments Dickinson Texas is the newly renovated units. The complex is undergoing a major renovation project that began in 2013. This means that units are receiving a new, modern look, courtesy of the new owners. One might think that remodeling apartments will only mean high rent, but that isn’t the case. Affordable rent for apartments is another creed adopted by management.

For those seeking apartments for rent Dickinson, TX with a pet-friendly atmosphere, the Courtyard Park Apartments is the right choice. Dogs and cats of all sizes are welcome in this community.

Senior citizens may find this community a wonderful place to live in as we offer specials that cater to those who are 55 or older. One of these specials includes coverage for moving expenses and a discount on rent. These and numerous other reasons make the Courtyard Park the right Dickinson, TX apartments for seniors, retired and working alike.

For those with a family who need a Dickinson TX apartment community that is completely safe, quiet and affordable, the right decision is Courtyard Park. This community has numerous families already living here, with children ranging from infant to teenager.

Several of the residents of Courtyard Park Apartments work in the area. The complex is conveniently located near highway 45 (Gulf Freeway) and numerous offices, retail spaces, and restaurants. When residents were looking for apartments in Dickinson TX, location played an important role in their choosing to live here. For those seeking employment, the area has a number of job opportunities, especially with the major economic growth experienced throughout the region.

Remember, when you are in search of apartments for rent Dickinson TX, or anywhere near to the greater Dickinson area, you need look no further than the Courtyard Park Apartments. Come visit at 3206 Lobit Dr, Dickinson, TX 77539 or call (281) 645-0040 for more information or to schedule an appointment. You won’t be disappointed with the combination of quality apartment space, low rent, beautiful scenery, and neighborly individuals that you find here.

The Courtyard Park Apartments of Dickinson provides an apartment community that is opened to those in the greater Dickinson, Houston and Galveston area. Primary servicing the 77539 zip code and the 281 area code, these apartments welcome those from all areas. Those working or residing in the following areas are welcome to become a part of our community:

  • League City Apartments – If you are located in the League City, Texas community by way of work or residence, you are welcome to consider the Courtyard Park Apartments as a potential home. Located just 10 minutes north of Dickinson, this city represents similar values to those who reside in Dickinson. If you are looking for apartments in 77573 or 77574, we welcome you to visit and compare this smaller, quieter and more inexpensive apartment community in Dickinson. Just a stone’s throw from League City.
  • Alvin Apartments – Located just west of Dickinson is the City of Alvin, Texas. With a population of a few thousand more souls, Alvin’s demeanor matches the value level of Dickinson in many ways. For those making a living or making residence in zip codes 77511 or 77512 of Alvin, TX, find a more convenient nearby choice in the Courtyard Park Apartments of Dickinson.
  • Texas City Apartments – Named after the great state it represents, and located southeast of the City of Dickinson, the City of Texas City is another member of the Galveston County family of cities. With a population of nearby double of the Dickinson community, Texas City is home to many. Oil processing and manufacturing is greatly represented in Texas City. If you currently have a job or live in the Texas City areas of 77590, 77591 or 77592, we welcome you to come visit the quieter, safer and more storm-protected city of Dickinson and the sound community of Courtyard Park. A great Dickinson apartments community.
  • Galveston Apartments – The long stretch of city that exists along the Gulf Coast of Texas is known as Galveston, Texas. This island city has a number of great things to offer, but it can be a more difficult place to live because of the threat of storms and hurricanes. This has led to a population decline over the past decades, especially following Hurricane Ike. If you are looking for a more storm-protected, inland area that isn’t too far from Galveston, Dickinson’s Courtyard Park Apartments is the haven you are seeking. For individuals and families alike, many looking for Galveston apartments have relocated to Dickinson. Welcomed are those from the following Galveston zip codes: 77550, 77551, 77552, 77553, 77554, and 77555.
  • Hitchcock Apartments – The City of Hitchcock, Texas in zip code 77563 holds a population of just over 7,000. Another member of Galveston County, Hitchcock’s territory goes from inland along the I-45 down along the coast. While some beautiful land makes up Hitchcock, the area is close or along the Gulf Coast and prone to severe wind and surges from hurricanes and other storms. Those living here and in surrounding cities such as Galveston have found a safer and more comforting environment inland. The Courtyard Park Apartments in Dickinson is home to some who have previously resided in storm-ridden areas such as this. They feel a great deal of comfort in this community.
  • Bacliff Apartments – Located slightly northwest, the town of Bacliff, Texas is home to around 8,000 individuals. This area has been hit hard by severe storms, it seeing a great deal of damage from Hurricane Ike years back. While the backlash to 77518 has been mostly recovered, residents have found it safer to be more inland in locations like Dickinson in sturdy complexes such as Courtyard Park Apartments where the buildings are sound and the neighbors welcoming and protecting. In addition, Dickinson offers a more expansive shopping and restaurant scene and a more established, ranking school system for families. If seeking apartments Bacliff TX, we encourage you to first stop at Courtyard Park in Dickinson.
  • Friendswood Apartments – With a pleasant name, this Texas city holds a number of businesses and residences for the greater region. Those in the zip codes of 77546 or 77549 are caring and hardworking types who want the money they earn to holder greater value and go further. This is why many in cities like Friendswood have chosen the Courtyard Park Apartments in Dickinson TX as a healthy alternative to apartments in Friendswood. While there are a number of residential communities in this city, there are no apartments that can compare to the value and amenities provided at Courtyard.
  • Webster Apartments – Located just north of Dickinson resides the City of Webster, Texas. With about 10,000 residents, Webster is smaller in Dickinson, in size. Part of Harris County, this little city has a nice infrastructure, but it does not compare to that of Dickinson. For those seeking apartments in Webster, TX it is important that they consider the Courtyard Park Apartments. An excellent alternative for those with a career or life in 77598.